Building Your Self Esteem

You may realize that your self-esteem, your self-confidence are not what they should and could be. Most of us grapple with this one to some degree. But if you don’t have good self-esteem, how do you get it? How do you feel good about yourself when you don’t feel good about yourself?

You start by becoming deeply acquainted with the true foundation of yourself, your essence. All of us, at the core of ourselves, are pure and wise people that know that we are good and that things are deeply ok. At this level, we feel our interconnection with all life and understand that we spring out of the source of growth and regeneration that underlies all things. The greeting “Namaste” refers to this — “I honor the Sacred within you.”

It can be challenging to shift gears and tap into your essence when you feel defective, worthless, or simply lacking anything that could make you special. But whether it feels real or not, you are sacred. If you don’t feel very sacred at the moment, think about the fact that something within you knows how to heal up a cut on your hand. It knew how to get you to crawl and walk and start talking when you were a baby. As a client once said, “It’s the part of me who knows who to hire when I’m interviewing a bunch of people.” It’s you. Nothing can change that.

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